• How much does a custom piece cost?
Due to the custom nature of each design, the price will vary based on time, size, quantity and complexity. If you are looking to work together on a custom design, please reach out using my Contact page so that I can give you a more accurate quote.
  • How much lead-time do you need for my order?
I typically book my custom design-work about two months out, however for personalized stationery or in-stock pieces please reference the item description for timelines. If you need to rush your order, please contact me before placing your order.
  • Can you paint something I already own?
Yes! If you are placing a custom design order I can absolutely paint something you own/have purchased. I will ask that you send the items to me before we begin the proofing process so that I can ensure the best experience for you and guarantee that it will meet the quality needed for the design.
  • What is your process like? How long does it take?
Each project is so unique, but typically I have three main parts to my process. 
1. Consultation - Asking the big questions and getting answers!
2. Proofing - I create an initial proof based on our consultation and work through editing the design in pencil before starting to paint!
3. Painting - Bring the design to life! 
The timeline is always a little bit different, but I like to work over the period of up to four weeks (keeping in mind I tend to book about two months in advance). If you choose to print with me, this can add up to two weeks to the timeline.
  • Do you print all of your pieces?
Not ALL pieces! I am a one-woman show and I hand print and cut most pieces in-house, but when there are large orders (over 50 prints) I use a trusted giclée printer to keep efficiency! If you would prefer for me to print in-house for larger order, I can accommodate some of these requests with proper planning, it would have to be something we discuss during or prior to the initial consultation.
  • Can I get you to paint something just for the digital image so I can print it on t-shirts (napkins, bags, pillows, etc.)?
Yes! This is a very common practice for me. If you are interested in a custom wedding crest/logo in particular I only sell the digital image at this time, but have some recommended vendors for you to work with to ensure the best quality print. If you do purchase a digital image, you may not use the image for re-sale or profit.